Quality Indicators

In order to achieve an LOtC Quality Badge, providers must show that they meet a set of quality indicators.

There are six high level generic quality indicators. They are:

  1. The provider has a process in place to assist users to plan the learning  experience effectively;
  2. The provider provides accurate information about its offer;
  3. The provider provides activities or experiences which meet learner needs;
  4. The provider reviews the experience and acts upon feedback;
  5. The provider meets the needs of users; and
  6. The provider has safety management processes in place to manage risk effectively.

Underneath each high level quality indicator is a number of sub-indicators.

The quality indicators will be the same for all types of learning outside the classroom provider. They are tailored to whether a provider has staff to work with users or not. The indicators are process-orientated (i.e. the way in which the provider works with the user to plan the experience and set learning objectives) and do not attempt to assess learning outcomes directly, as these remain the responsibility of the teacher or group leader.

The bar for the LOtC Quality Badge will be set at ‘good’ as defined by the generic indicators across both routes. There will be no higher or lower standard.