Route 1

Some activities and venues fall within the scope of everyone’s experience, such as visits to theatres, art galleries, museums, historic houses, science learning centres, botanic gardens or places of worship. Here the risks are of an ‘everyday’ kind and are well within the experience of well trained school staff. 

These providers can follow a Route 1 process where the LOtC Quality Badge is awarded when the provider demonstrates that they meet all the quality indicators by completing an online Self Evaluation Form (SEF) and signing a Code of Practice declaration form. The form will be assessed by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom before the award is made and there will be quality assurance visits to a proportion of newly badged providers to ensure standards are maintained at an appropriate level. There is also a Complaints and Appeals Procedure for users or other parties to raise concerns should they feel that a provider is failing to maintain the agreed standard.

Where an otherwise Route 1 provider also has a residential provision on site, however informal, they will be required to complete a further section of the Self Evaluation Form describing how their policies and procedures manage the risks involved. They will also be subject to an extra quality assurance visit, the cost of which will have to be met as part of their registration fees.

Providers of Circus or Theatre Skills activities involving aerial or other higher-risk work will be required to provide further information and pay a further fee of £50 for this to be assessed by an expert inspector. They will also have to agree to a site visit, should the inspector deem this necessary, and meet the cost of the visit as part of their registration fee. The definition used to distinguish activties requiring this level of assessment is:

  • Activities that involve the use of specialist equipment, for example (but not limited to), equipment that might typically be used in activities such as rock climbing, caving or industrial rope access such as karabiners, belay devices or similar items.
  • Activities that involve instances where the whole of a participant's body will be 2 metres or higher above the ground/floor level.

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