Make an Application

How to apply

To ensure that the LOtC Quality Badge is fit for purpose, it is essential that safety and risk management are assessed at the right level.

The route providers take to achieving the LOtC Quality Badge is determined by the degree of specialist knowledge required to safely manage risks involved with the activities offered. Providers cannot choose the route they take; the route is determined by the activities they offer.

Your assessment for the LOtC Quality Badge includes and is limited to everything that is offered to schools by your site/organisation.

First, decide which route you need to take – see the Route 1  or Route 2 information pages 

If Route 1: Download the application instructions and  SEF Guidance Notes, then select the 'Apply for Route 1' link below to begin your application.

If Route 2: Download the application instructions, then select 'Apply for Route 2' below to log in and complete the Route 2 online registration form. The relevant Awarding Body will then contact you with further information on application.

More information on the application and assessment processes are available from the relevant Awarding Body.


  • Route 1 application: £150 for a two year validity period
  • Route 1 provider organisations with 10 or more sites applying on one SEF will be charged a discounted price of £120 per site 
  • Route 2: the cost of your application is determined by your Awarding Body
Please note: Any provider offering Route 2 activities that are found to have registered via Route 1 may have their Quality Badge withdrawn. Ineligible organisations registering via the Route 1 online process will have their application denied. If the provider has completed payment for Route 1 registration a 25% administration charge will be deducted from any refund. Refunds will be made at the discretion of CLOtC.