Farming and Countryside Sector Applications

How do I apply for the LOtC Quality Badge?

To make an initial application you must demonstrate that you meet the criteria against the six quality indicators by completing the Self Evaluation Form. Once you have submitted your application (or renewal) for the LOtC Quality Badge, along with the Code of Practice Declaration Form, you will be allocated a named assessor who will contact you directly to discuss the visit.

The quality indicators are the same for all types of LOtC provider.  The only difference is that there is a more detailed set of health & safety indicators for Route 2, specific to each sector.

The assessor will want to see evidence of all the policies, procedures and practices described in your application. To make best use of time during the assessment applicants are advised to present this information in a portfolio of evidence. In all cases, your designated assessor will offer advice and support before and during the visit regarding how to assemble the evidence needed to make a fair and decisive judgement against the LOtC Quality Badge criteria.

Outcomes of your assessment visit

Your assessor will tell you at the end of the visit whether you have:

  • ‘met all the indicators’ - your assessor will tell you so orally;

  • ‘need to provide further evidence’ - your assessor will tell you which indicators have not been met and offer suggestions of how to meet them where possible.  Your assessor will give you a deadline to provide the evidence necessary (possibly remotely) to meet these indicators e.g. e-mailed/posted documents.  If you then meet all of the indicators, your assessor will tell you that you have now ‘met’ the criteria; or

  • ‘Have not yet met all of the indicators’ - you must re-apply in the same way, once you have made the required improvements.


The cost of assessment for the Farming & Countryside sector is £385 per assessment, which is valid for two years after which further assessment is required to maintain the accreditation. Where an organisation owns and/or manages more than one farm, a percentage of these sites will be visited and the cost calculated accordingly.

Make an application

To make an application please complete the Route 2 registration form. Once you have entered your details here and submitted the form, CLOtC will send you the application form and guidance.

For further information contact:

LOtC Quality Badge administration

Telephone 07545 69688107545 696881