The nationally recognised indicator of good quality educational provision

The  LOtC Quality Badge provides for the first time a national award combining the essential elements of provision - learning and safety - into ONE easily recognisable and trusted accreditation scheme for ALL types of learning outside the classroom provider throughout the UK. This includes museums, art galleries, adventure centres, nature reserves, science learning centres and farms among many other provider types. The scheme is managed and developed by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

Benefits of the LOtC Quality Badge for children and schools

The LOtC Quality Badge means that the holder has passed a robust assessment designed to ensure that they are meeting schools' learning and risk management needs, no matter what activities they offer. We have put together an information document outlining what you can expect when using a LOtC Quality Badge accredited provider, and the benefits of doing so. This can be printed off and incorporated into your health and safety procedures or LOtC/educational visits policy. Download the information document.

Learning outside the classroom provider organisations

Organisations providing LOtC experiences for UK children and young people can apply for the LOtC Quality Badge. View the full eligibility criteria. As well as providing a robust indicator of the quality of your provision, the LOtC Quality Badge is also a useful development tool and you will receive support from CLOtC staff in developing and improving your provision. So, whether your site is a museum, art gallery, farm, nature reserve, adventure centre or cathedral, the LOtC Quality Badge accreditation could help you.